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AOK Networking’s Proactive Care (PC) is the core of our support services. PC gives you unprecedented control over your network with concise reporting and unmatched savings. It is a bundled service program that incorporates security, reliability and improved performance for comprehensive network support.

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The Proactive Care Executive Summary provides a robust yet easy-to-read review of your network’s productivity, capacity and overall health. This is information that every IT manager should have and we include this monthly report with every Proactive Care. See An Example
Cost Savings
Saves you time and money by combining all of your network support under one umbrella.
Networking Monitoring
Monitors your network's performance 24x7 with easy-to-read reports on performance, capacity and security.
Faster Response Time
Provides our engineers with immediate access to your network for faster response times.
Protects your network with immediate anti virus support and regular patch maintenance.
Data Backup
Secures your data with backup offsite at the AOK Data Center.
On-Site Support
Delivers on-site support at your office for more detailed needs.
Off-Site Support
Provides unlimited remote support from the AOK Data Center.